BCG Employee & Vendor Lookup Tool Subscription Agreement

This is the application and agreement for services between Briggs Healthcare /BCG Research and the Organization identified below. All of the fields below must be provided prior to receiving an activation code that allows the creation of login and password to access the BCG Employee & Vendor Lookup Tool for automated LEIE/ database searches.

Service Agreement and Terms

Upon approval of this application; Briggs Healthcare /BCG Research will grant unlimited access for the Organization noted above to BCG Employee & Vendor Lookup Tool for automated LEIE/ database searches.

This is an ongoing subscription that will not expire. Subscription will only cease upon Briggs Healthcare receiving written cancellation from the Organization. Invoices will be sent monthly from Briggs Healthcare and are subject to established credit terms and conditions. If using a 3rd Party/EDI partner for invoicing, the Organization noted above must authorize the 3rd Party/EDI partner to accept ‘invoice only’ transactions. Non-payment of invoices will result in suspension of services.

Briggs Healthcare /BCG Research agree to maintain the function of the database search tool and will update the database no less than monthly within 1 week of the OIG/EPLS release of periodic updates. The Organization noted above understands that the tool is used to match their input data and is limited to the Organization’s data entered into the supplied template.